Alanya - Folded Brief - Paradise - Abecita
Alanya - Folded Brief - Paradise - Abecita


Alanya - Folded Brief - Paradise


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35 €

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Bikini pink with foldable edge. Abecitas bikini tops The pink rose is a real favorite and fits most. With the foldable edge you can easily adjust the height you want on your bikini top. Fold down the panty if you prefer a lower bikini top or fold it up completely for a high bikini top that also holds the belly - vary according to your preference.

product Features
✓ Best seller!
✓ Foldable edge
✓ Scandinavian design

Material: 80% Pa / 20% Ea
Size: 36-50

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 27 huhti - 30 huhti
Kohderyhmä Naiset
Koko 40
Tyyppi Bikini
Väri Vaaleanpunainen
Tuotemerkit Abecita
Kategoria Uima-asut
Tuotenumero P191116574