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Teeth Whitening Pro Refill


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BECONFIDENT® Pro Refill with Triple Boost Max Teeth whitening Gel / X4 uses 3 technologies to whiten teeth up to 7 shades whiter. The gel contains PAP (ε-phthalimido peroxy hexanoic acid) + sodium bicarbonate + coco sulphate which works together for the most effective peroxide free whitening treatment available. A fourth activity can be created with the Beconfident® LED light to improve the whitening effect one shade - it activates the Ferrous Gluconate ingredient in the gel. The refill contains of 1 syringe with 10 ml gel. The Pro Refill works with all mouldable mouth trays. It also includes the Protect and Repair Gel (10 ml tube) which reduces teeth sensitivity after each treatment and helps to remineralize, strengthen and protect the enamel long term. Protect and Repair gel contains Hydroxyaptite (liquid calcium) and Sodium monofluorphosphate (920 ppm F-). Manual included.

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