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Teeth Whitening Dual Boost X2 Kit


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BECONFIDENT® Tooth Whitening Dual Boost X2 Kit: This is a completely peroxide-free tooth whitening kit based on the patented Dual Boost X2 technology. X2 means that there are 2 active ingredients that clean and whiten the tooth surface. In the first active phase, superficial discoloration is removed from the teeth. The cleaning effect comes from coconut sulphate, which is a naturally occurring ingredient that in a chemical process lifts the discolorations from the surface. In the second phase, which starts after about 8 minutes, 32% bicarbonate gives a teeth whitening effect without damaging the enamel or making it more sensitive. The treatment takes 10 days. The package contains gel applicator, 2 moldable mouth trays, Dual Boost gel (10 ml tube), Tooth Gloss with mint flavor (10 ml tube) which gives the teeth an immediate glow and protects against new discolorations after teeth whitening. Instructions for use included.

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