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Teeth Whitening X1 Start Kit


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Beconfident® X1 Start Kit: Our X1 start kit provides a hydrogen peroxide-free teeth whitening completely without irritation or other side effects in teeth and gums. The X1 gel is based on a technology with 1 active bleaching ingredient - 32% bicarbonate which together with the cleansing substances removes discoloration and gives a whiter tooth surface. The included mouth splints are adapted to the respective row of teeth and provide an optimal contact between gel and tooth surface for best effect. The treatment takes only 15 minutes and the gel is enough for about 10 applications. We recommend that you complete the full treatment until the gel is finished and then repeat if necessary, for example every three months. The mouth trays can be cleaned and saved for the next time. The package contains a fresh melon flavored gel (10 ml tube), 3 moldable mouth splints, a shade guide and instructions for use.

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