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Teeth Whitening Touch-Up Cleaning Pen 2 ml


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Beconfident® Teeth Whitening Touch-up Pen 2 ml: The teeth whitening pen offers an easy and fast way to maintain the whiteness of the teeth and is a complement to Beconfident's various teeth whitening kits. It is easy to bring with you, gentle and can be applied as often as you wish. With the Touch-up pen, you brush the bleaching gel evenly on the enamel surfaces when you want to quickly improve the result or intensify the bleaching in a specific area. The gel in the pen is mainly based on our X1 technology where the active ingredient is 32% bicarbonate, which dissolves protein coatings. It also contains Fluoride to counteract caries and Aloe Vera which is soothing to the gums. Delivered in a pen with a brush tip (2 ml) which is enough for about 25 treatments, shade guide and instructions for use.

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