Earth Ecofriendly Cover - Black - Celly
Earth Ecofriendly Cover - Black - Celly
Earth Ecofriendly Cover - Black - Celly


Earth Ecofriendly Cover - Black


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Celly Earth - Biodegradable shell for iPhone 11 Pro
- Help create a waste-free world

Earth is a shell made of 100% biodegradable material: It protects your smartphone while respecting the environment.
Its flexible and durable structure protects your smartphone from fall and impact. Its composition in biodegradable materials of plant fibers, from e.g. bamboo, coffee, wheat etc. make it completely recyclable.

The cover is compostable. When it comes into contact with water and organic matter, it decomposes after a certain time (the decomposition process starts at 80-90 days).

- 100% biodegradable shell (according to EU directive EN 13432)
- Protects your phone while respecting the planet
- Made from plant fiber (from bamboo, coffee, wheat, etc.)
- Flexible shell with a soft surface
- Buttons and camera are kept protected

Eco-friendly, from product to packaging
- Plastic-free
- Fully recyclable, the shell is compostable and the packaging is recyclable
- The shell is made of, among other things, bamboo and coffee fibers
- Minimal packaging, minimal waste
- The packaging has a print made of color from beans
- The packaging is completely plastic-free and thus no waste is generated from non-recyclable materials.

Passed tests
Aerobic degradation test (ISO 16929) according to the specifications of DIN EN 13432.
IR spectrometry test (DIN EN 13432).


Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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