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Garment Steamer - Hand Held


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Just start the machine and after about 45 seconds you are ready to run. Press the trigger on the bottom of the steamer and immediately the hot steam will smooth your clothes as if it were magic. You see all the folds disappear in front of your eyes without effort, and perhaps the best of all, without ironing board! CHHS210 is excellent for freshening up, for example, costumes between dry cleaners and is very useful when traveling. In addition, it effectively removes odors and smells, such as cigarette smoke - perfect after a low night out! You can use your handstrap on your heat-sensitive clothing and party clothes without risking destroying them.

Automatic continuous steam
Thanks to its unique internal design and electrical pump, CHHS210 generates continuous steam. It also allows you to steam for example. your soft furniture and curtains.

Kills bacteria
It has been found that hot steam kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria. This means that you can keep your textiles fresh for a long time.

Removes unwanted odors
Champion handsteamer is great for freshening clothes between the dry cleaners and removing effectively for example. cigarette, food and body odor.

Brush as accessory
CHHS210 comes with a brush that fits perfectly when you want to steam thicker garments such as, for example, coatings for better steam penetration and a smoother surface.

Removable water tank
The water tank is easy to remove and fill. It holds about 60ml of water, which is enough for most "express jobs".

No ironing board required
Using the handshake, you do not need a ironing board anymore, making ironing effortless and smooth. Perfect for students, at limited space, on trips or just for those who hate traditional ironing.

- Steam flow: 20g / minute
- Water capacity: 60ml
- Removable water tank
- Power: 1000W
- Continuous vapor flow
- Heating in less than 1 minute
- Can be used on all fabrics
- Brush included
- Cord length 1.8m

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