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Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Eco - 800w


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Champion CHDS210 is a modern, non-slip vacuum cleaner with a design that fits into any home. It is equipped with Cyclonic technology, which means that the vacuum cleaner maintains a constant suction power all the time, ensuring fast and spotless results. Due to the vacuuming of the vacuum cleaner, do not worry that the bags will end during the cleaning process. When the dust bin is full, simply lift it out of the vacuum cleaner and empty it, then you are ready to continue cleaning.

CHDS210 has the best energy labeling on the market - A, noise level of 80dB and a HEPA filter that ensures that the air leaving the vacuum cleaner is filtered from all impurities. The HEPA filter makes this vacuum cleaner an excellent choice for asthmatics and allergies as well.

But its efficient 800W ECO engine is really energy-efficient, yet it's capable of performing at the top to make your home truly clean. The CHDS210 also features a stepless controller for suction power on the top side, as well as large power controls for power on / off and wiring rolling, which makes it easier to use. The vacuum cleaner comes with a telescopic shaft that you easily adjust as desired.

- Energy efficiency class: A
- Particle filtering: B
- Dust absorption on the mat: C
- Dust absorption on hard floors: A
- Sound level: 80 dB
- Annual energy consumption: 27.6 kWh
- Volume 2.5l
- Telescopic tube
- Adjustable nozzle for flooring
- Cord length 5m
- Continuously adjustable suction effect
- Parking and storage modes
- Automatic cord rolling
- Indicator for full dust container

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