Milk Foamer 130ml/300ml - Champion
Milk Foamer 130ml/300ml - Champion
Milk Foamer 130ml/300ml - Champion
Milk Foamer 130ml/300ml - Champion


Milk Foamer 130ml/300ml


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With Champions milk foamer, you can enjoy a warm, foamy or smooth latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate or the like with the same lovely feel as at the cafe. The fast and effective milk mousse heats and / or foams the milk, and turns itself off when the milk is ready. With brushed stainless steel exterior, it has a sleek, elegant look and non-stick surface making it easy to clean after use.

The milk foam mower is equipped with a 360 ° turntable and wireless carafe, making lifting and suspension easy and clear-cut. On / Off button with auto shutdown provides safe operation. The machine comes with two wipers attached to the bottom of the container. The one is used to foam the milk, and the other is used to heat the milk. To foam cold milk, press and hold the same button for approx. 3 seconds at startup.

- Capacity: 130ml for foaming, 300ml for heating
- Stainless steel container
- Easy to use - 1 button for start / stop
- Non-stick surface for easy cleaning
- 360 ° turntable and wireless carafe
 - 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz, 500W

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