Fritös 1,75 liter - Champion
Fritös 1,75 liter - Champion


Fritös 1,75 liter


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With this easy-to-use Champion dishwasher, you can easily and easily cook food at home with the same good results as at the restaurant. With a power of 800W, you are guaranteed to provide good heat in the freezer to give a perfect result. The freezer is made entirely of stainless steel and has a detachable lid. With its clear thermostat, you can easily set the desired heat from 150-190 ° C. The 2 indicator lights show when the freezer is ready to be used to always fry at an optimum temperature. The spacious container holds 1.75 liters.

- With Cool Zone that extends the life of the oil
- Removable heating element and container
- The oil container and lid can be washed in a dishwasher
- Folding handle
- Cool stainless steel housing
- Power: 800 watts
- Volume: 1.75 liters

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 11 maalis - 16 maalis
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Tuotemerkit Champion
Kategoria Keittiökoneet
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