Garment Steamer - Champion
Garment Steamer - Champion
Garment Steamer - Champion
Garment Steamer - Champion
Garment Steamer - Champion


Garment Steamer


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Champion steamer CHST110 is the ultimate aid when you want to iron or refresh your clothes quickly and easily. With a powerful steam function, it is easy to smooth out wrinkled garments and you also avoid the wrinkles that can occur with a traditional iron and ironing board. The adjustable clothes hanger can easily be adjusted in height for different types of garments.

Champion CHST110 is heated to approx. 45 seconds - then it is ready to use. The effective steam pressure of 38g / minute ensures that you get a good result. The 2.7 liter water tank allows you to use the Steamer for approx. 70 min without having to refill with water. The CHST110 has 4 settings on the continuous steam flow to be adapted to the garment it is used on - these are easily adjusted via the knob on the front of the appliance.

Steaming clothes is a gentle and effective way to freshen up garments - without having to wash them every time. The CHST110 effectively removes odors and odors while gently smoothing out wrinkles on the garment. You can safely use the steamer on your heat-sensitive garments and party clothes without risking destroying them.

CHST110 comes with a range of accessories; hanger, heat shroud, hook, brush accessories for thicker fabrics. The wheels of the Champion Garment Steamer make it easy to move to the room you want.

- Powerful continuous steam
- Can be used on all fabrics
- Flexible wheels for easy transport
- Large and removable water tank of 2.7 liters
- Adjustable clothes hanger
- Overheating protection
- Power: 1580W
- Gives approx. 70 minutes continuous steam
- Steam flow: 38g / minute
- Heating time: approx. 45 sec
- Supplied accessories: hanger, heat sink, hook, brush accessory
- Cord length 1.8m

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