Vacuum Sealer - CHVF210 - Champion
Vacuum Sealer - CHVF210 - Champion
Vacuum Sealer - CHVF210 - Champion


Vacuum Sealer - CHVF210


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With Champion CHVF210 you can preserve food up to 7 times longer than with conventional storage methods. Use your CHVF210 in the kitchen and you will soon discover how practical and versatile it is. Whether you want to extend the shelf life of your food, preventing frost damage or cook it by Sous Vide - CHVF210 is the perfect choice! CHVF210 is a user-friendly vacuum packer in a stylish design that fits into most homes.

A Vacuum Sealer is the ideal tool to quickly marinate meat or other food. With food and marinade vacuum packed in a Champion vacuum bag the marinating will be done in about 20 minutes. Vacuum packaging opens up the pores of the food so that you can get that good, marinated flavor in minutes instead of overnight.

- Easy to clean
- Voltage: 220V AC
- Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
- Power: 110W
- VAC / Sealing time: 10 ~ 20 seconds
- Vacuum Power: -0.8 bar
- Dimensions: Height: 360mm, Width: 150mm, Height: 78mm
- Weight: Net Weight: 1.4kg, Gross Weight: 2.0kg

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