Toaster - 2-Slices - CHBR200 - Champion
Toaster - 2-Slices - CHBR200 - Champion
Toaster - 2-Slices - CHBR200 - Champion


Toaster - 2-Slices - CHBR200


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30 €

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The toaster is made out of stainless steel and has a clean and stylish design. It can toast 2 bread slices at once and have an extra spacious toasting slots that adjusts to the thickness of the bread. With many functions such as defrost, reheat and electrical heat adjustment.

CHBR200 will stop automatically when done. If you wish to cancel before this, press the cancel button and the toasting process will stop instantly.

- Made in stainless steel
- 2 spacious toasting slots
- Automatic adjustable slots
- High rise function
- makes it easier to pick up the bread
- Stop function
- Defrost function
- Reheat function
- Crumb tray
- Cord storage
- 220-240V / 860-1050W

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 23 maalis - 26 maalis
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Tuotemerkit Champion
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