Instant Root Concealer Dark Brown - Charles Worthington

Charles Worthington

Instant Root Concealer Dark Brown


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Immediately conceal stubborn greys and reappearing roots for up to 72 hours between each wash. This transfer resistant, quick-drying formula provides a seamless finish allowing you to delay your next trip to the salon. Simply washes out after use. To Use: Shake well before use and wear a towel around shoulders to protect clothing. Section desired area and lift hair upwards – this ensures spray is deposited lightly through the targeted area and avoids the scalp. Hold can 20-25cm away and steadily build up the colour to create even coverage, focusing only on areas that need concealment. Allow to dry before touching hair and wipe away any excess product from skin. Do not over spray, a little goes a long way. For best results apply to dry, styled hair. Dark brown is suitable for espresso and dark chocolate shades.

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