4-pack Deep plate 22cm Nova - White - Eva Solo

Eva Solo

4-pack Deep plate 22cm Nova - White


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Where Legio's design language is absolutely minimalist, Legio Nova with its grooved edges creates a refined frame around the food. Eva Trio is a sponsor of the Danish chef team and in the design process they have been inspired by seeing their food art and the care they put into their craft. Therefore, the center of the plate is framed by elegant grooves that accentuate the dish.

Legio Nova, like Legio porcelain, is of high quality that can withstand both oven, microwave and freezer. There is a 10 year porcelain warranty on the tableware and then it has also been tested by the Danish chef national team that recommends Legio Nova.

10 year porcelain warranty
Delicious design with patterned border
High quality porcelain tableware
Withstand machine dish, freezer, oven and microwave

Materials: Porcelain
Maintenance: Can withstand machine wash
Design by: Eva Solo
Size: Diameter: 22 cm

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 10 maalis - 15 maalis
Koko 22 cm
Väri Valkoinen
Tuotemerkit Eva Solo
Kategoria Lautaset ja kulhot
Kampanjat tällä hetkellä Eva Solo - New Arrivals, Dinner at Home, Stelton & Other Danish Brands
Tuotenumero P191166362