242g Low Shoes - Black Leather - Gram
242g Low Shoes - Black Leather - Gram
242g Low Shoes - Black Leather - Gram
242g Low Shoes - Black Leather - Gram
242g Low Shoes - Black Leather - Gram
242g Low Shoes - Black Leather - Gram


242g Low Shoes - Black Leather


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140 €

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Like to add height without sacrificing on comfort? The 242g is based on a sleek and classic slip-in loafer. We've elongated it to create the look of a long and beautifully slender foot. The classic look is updated with a EVA sneaker foam outsole that adds height without sacrificing on comfort. And a sneaker padding around the heel because yes, you can have it all! PLEASE NOTE: Fits a slim to medium wide foot. Material is soft so it will shape according to your foot's shape within a few wears. We've worked hard to find materials that are beautiful, sustainable and long lasting. - The tread sheet is made of recycled rubber. - Upper in high quality full grain leather, silver standard according to LWG. Leather has been dyed all the way through. So if you get a scratch, the color will remain black. - The lining is a vegan and sustainable micro fibre material, called OnSteam, that looks like leather but transports moisture 6 times better than leather. And it's naturally anti bacterial. - The welt is a leather fibre bond, which means that we mix leather scraps with a binder. So it looks like leather but is much more durable. And really a clever way to turn waste into a beautiful material. - 100% recycled and eco-friendly anti odor insole. We mix the foam material with active carbon powder which creates a hostile environment for bacteria. No smell and no harm for either environment or you. When it comes to loafers, the perfect fit is everything. Because of this, the insole is thick and removable. So if you need extra space, just replace it with a thinner one. Or steam fit it at your local shoe maker's. If you need less space, we recommend you put a thin insole on top of the existing one.

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