Winterglove BabyMitten - Black - ISBJÖRN of Sweden

ISBJÖRN of Sweden

Winterglove BabyMitten - Black


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Our gloves are in a league of their own. What matters most to us is the details. Particularly when kids are enjoying and exploring the outdoors. These gloves are made using the same fantastic materials as the rest of our collection.

Our Baby Mittens are designed for the very youngest, where it is important to be able to get thumbs inside easily. These mittens are also cosy, flexible, grippy and keep out the cold and wet. These features help to ensure that your child isn’t always trying to take them off. A simple equation? No, but we still think we’ve cracked it. No compromises.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 27 loka - 29 loka
Kohderyhmä Lapset
Väri Musta
Tuotemerkit ISBJÖRN of Sweden
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