POWDER Winter Pant Teens - Black - ISBJÖRN of Sweden
POWDER Winter Pant Teens - Black - ISBJÖRN of Sweden

ISBJÖRN of Sweden

POWDER Winter Pant Teens - Black


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Winter pants, ski pants, padded pants. Yes, the things we love have many names. Here at Isbjörn we call them padded winter pants. This is a robust outer layer that keeps out the wind and rain, and the outer fabric is lined with a membrane that allows excess heat to escape. We have also added PrimaLoft padding that is fantastically soft and provides great warmth while keeping weight to a minimum. Consequently, your child should remain suitably warm and dry throughout the winter. Whatever the weather and whatever the activity.

Taped seams throughout prevent water seeping through when in close contact with rain or snow. Our padded winter pants are made from an exceptionally strong nylon fabric called Oxford Nylon Taslan, which has far greater durability than polyester. As a result this garment can easily withstand everyday wear, with no loss of the functionality you expect as an Isbjörn customer.

These pants have ankle cuffs that can be easily adjusted on the inside to extend by approx. 3 cm. This allows the garment to be worn for an additional season if needed. Recommended for everyday wear at preschool and school and as ski pants on winter holidays. A hard worker and one of our most popular and sought-after items.

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