Doftpåse mix - Mixed - K.Lundqvist
Doftpåse mix - Mixed - K.Lundqvist
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Doftpåse mix - Mixed


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With this mixpack you get nine delicious smells in the delivery. A scent from every collection.

Fans included in this package are: White Pearls, Hot Couture, Black Cashmere, Love Edition, Crystal, Oud, Warm Vanilla, Afternoon Tea, Boulevard.

Our scent bags, also called wardrobe blankets, are bags intended for smaller spaces. Many customers usually use these in wardrobes, walk-in closet, hallway, smaller WC and car to soften the space. Imagine the smell of freshly washed clothes among the bed linen (white pearls), or a spicy scent

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 17 joulu - 19 joulu
Tuotemerkit K.Lundqvist
Kategoria Tuoksukynttilät ja suitsukkeita
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