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Bt190i In Ear Mic - Coral Red


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Wireless in-ear headphones with low weight and high comfort. They are resistant to perspiration and designed for active persons. With microphone and remote control on the cable where you can handle music and conversation. On the control, you can play, pause, answer / end calls, on / off, pair-up devices, and initiate Siri, Cortana, or Google. They have a playing time of 6+ hours (at audio level between 50-75%).

You control your music with features like the previous / next track, increase / decrease volume, rewind and fast forward. USB charging cable and three sets of silicone earphones. Battery: 40 mAh LIPO. Distortion: <1%.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 28 heinä - 30 heinä
Tuotemerkit KOSS
Kategoria Kuulokkeet
Tuotenumero P180501534