Wake-Up Sents - Lanaform
Wake-Up Sents - Lanaform
Wake-Up Sents - Lanaform
Wake-Up Sents - Lanaform
Wake-Up Sents - Lanaform
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Wake-Up Sents


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Let the sunrise and essential oils enter your bedroom to wake you up gently.
What's worse than waking up with a start and getting on the wrong foot? Having trouble getting up in the morning is often synonymous with disturbances in your biological clock.

The solution to this problem is simple: easy. It actually stimulates hormone production, as the sun's rays would do, and helps us get up by removing melatonin, the sun's hormone.

Wake-up Scent's sunrise simulator reproduces the effects of light when you wake up and thus synchronizes your biological clock. Together with the spread of essential oils, this is the perfect combination to wake you up calmly and calmly.

Since it also has a sunset simulator, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of red light to send you to rest and a fragrant atmosphere to soothe rejuvenating nerves.

Sunrise simulator
30 minutes before you wake up, a white light will begin to illuminate your bedroom to gently take your body to a state of wakefulness.

Sunset simulator
30 minutes before bedtime, a red light gets darker and darker and finally turns off completely. In fact, the wavelength of the red light will encourage you to sleep and cause a more intense secretion of melatonin while reducing the production of cortisol, the wakefulness hormone.

Some essential oils are real resources to help you wake up or sleep. This is the reason why the spread of positive and stimulating synergy makes it easier for your body to wake up and a calming and peaceful synergy provides a calming way to fall asleep.

Wake-Up Scents offers 6 different atmospheric lighting: 3 cool colors and 3 warm colors.

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