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Idôle Aura - Edp 100 ml


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IDÔLE AURA, Lancôme's new solar eau de parfum with floral and mineral notes. A fragrance for women who like to share a common goal. Because when we dream together, we are all Idôle women.

HISTORY: Idôle Aura, a feminine fragrance inspired by the unstoppable energy that every woman emanates. From one woman to another, from an Idôle to an entire community ... share your dreams with the world. Together we are unstoppable, together we are all Idôle.

THE BOTTLE: This slim and modern bottle represents a totem that unites all women. The front reveals a vibrant pink gold heart, a symbol of our inner strength. On the back, an iridescent Aura represents the desire to share Idôle's message with one's community.

THE PERFUME: Idôle Aura is a solar eau de parfum, a floral bouquet with an unprecedented mineral note. A perfume that spreads the sensation of an infinite ray of sun kissing the skin during a summer sunset.
A fragrance composed of ingredients of sustainable origin [Petalo di Rosa d'Isparta, Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar].

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 09 marras - 11 marras
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Koko 100 ml
Tuotemerkit Lancome
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