4-Pack - 50x70cm Original Towel - Flamingo - Lexington


4-Pack - 50x70cm Original Towel - Flamingo


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Soft and fluffy towel made of terry cloth of 100% combed cotton with a weight of 600 g / m2, which gives a great weight and good absorbency. Our original Javaton towel just gets softer over time and gives a luxurious feel.

100% cotton
Dimensions: 50x70 cm

Wash at high temperature, tumble dry at normal temperature, use iron at low temperature.
Do not use bleach. In order to achieve the best absorbency, no fabric softener is recommended.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 23 loka - 25 loka
Tyyppi Vieras pyyhe
Tuotemerkit Lexington
Kategoria Kylpytekstiilit
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