Shire Apron - Ink Blue - Linum


Shire Apron - Ink Blue


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Apron - ink blue. Nothing is so appreciated as a proper apron when you cook a bubbling pot in the kitchen and have already dressed up to the clothes clothes for the guests are at the entrance. Do not compromise with either quality or style when wearing this beautiful apron that is as practical as stylish and keeps your clothes free from splashes. Shrine is made of cotton and is durable and easy to wash. You can also find the pattern in matching griddles and grill quails.

Size: 70X90 cm.
Material: 100% cotton

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 30 loka - 01 marras
Väri Sininen
Tuotemerkit Linum
Kategoria Keittiötekstiilit
Tuotenumero P181016270