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PRO Active Smartwatch - Black


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PRO Active Smartwatch is a stylish, functional and easy to wear all day. The watch's large monitor and touch screen make it easy to use. With all its sports profiles, you can easily measure your activities. See who is calling you or sending notices.

PRO Active has the function of measuring your body temperature. Thermistor Sensing Technology is the technology that PRO Active is equipped with. It is a technology that is sensitive to temperature changes and can therefore measure body temperature in a smooth and safe way. Another health function PRO Active has is that it maintains a daily chart of your heart rate. You can therefore get an overall picture of what your heart rate looked like in 24 hours.

PRO Active is a real health watch!
Always fully charge the watch before using it for the first time!

• Heart rate monitor
• Blood pressure monitor
• Body temperature gauge
• Overall sleep measurement
• Calorie burning
• Pedometer
• 23 different sports profiles, including cycling, running, tennis, climbing and basketball
• Alarm
• Alarm in case of too little activity
• Receives notices
• Displays incoming calls
• Camera shutter release
• Timers Mfl

Bracelet size: 18 - 22.5 cm.
Width: 2.8 - 2.0 cm
Monitor size: 44.3 x 37.9 x 10.0 mm
Material monitor: PC + ABS
Bracelet material: Silicone
Stand by time: about 15 days
Active use: about 3-5 days
Full charge: 3 hours
Warning type: Vibration
APP: GloryFit (English)
Compatible system: Android 4.4 and later. iOS 8.0 and later.

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