4-pack - Cognac Prestige 50cl - Orrefors
4-pack - Cognac Prestige 50cl - Orrefors


4-pack - Cognac Prestige 50cl


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Cognac 4-pack 50cl.

Cognac is considered one of the next drinks in the world. Of course, it also demands the glass that will wear it. Cognac Prestige - Modern design that meets old-fashioned elegance. The glass's extra large balloon shape lifts the aroma, concentrates bouquets and enhances the taste of your cognac. In addition to cognac, the coupon is also perfect for drinks such as gin and tonic. Complete your homebar with this set of four glasses. Cognac Prestige is made of high-quality crystal which also tolerates machine-safe.

Dimensions: Height: 145 mm Width: 101 mm

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