Parmesan Mill - RIG-TIG by STELTON
Parmesan Mill - RIG-TIG by STELTON


Parmesan Mill


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RIG-TIG makes it easy to enjoy the taste of Italy. CHEESE-IT is the finger-friendly grater. When it comes to pasta dishes, grated parmesan is the icing on the cake. The parmesan mill from RIG-TIG is an easy and hygienic way to grate and big cheese. Fill the mill with blocks of parmesan cheese and twist the top to grate just the amount you need. Nå kan du grate ost uten at smøre fingrene eller røre ved kajen. You can even store the parmesan mill in the fridge with cheese in it.

Ø: 8 CM H: 15.5 CM

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 27 heinä - 29 heinä
Tuotemerkit RIG-TIG by STELTON
Kategoria Keittiötarvikkeet
Tuotenumero P523922