Margretheset 6 parts - Nordic Green - Rosti Mepal
Margretheset 6 parts - Nordic Green - Rosti Mepal

Rosti Mepal

Margretheset 6 parts - Nordic Green


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Rosti Margrethe dished 6 pieces
The Margrethe dish was created in 1954 by Acton Bjørn and Sigvard Bernadotte's design office in Copenhagen, and was named after the Danish princess Margrethe. Available in a variety of fine colors and 10 different sizes. The Margrethe dish is made of 100% melamine, which has the good properties in relation to plastic, that it retains the shape, even if it gets hot. Melamine goes well in the dishwasher, but can not be used in the microwave or freezer.

The set consists of 1.5 + 2.0 + 3.0 liter retropink Margretheskålar + lid. Superb and popular bowl from Rosti. Margretheskål is particularly suitable for preparation, but of course, it can also be used in other contexts - for example, for serving. With a lid, the bowl becomes a practical storage bowl.

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Tuotemerkit Rosti Mepal
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