Ladle set 5 parts Indigo - Rosti Mepal

Rosti Mepal

Ladle set 5 parts Indigo


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Slevset 5 parts Rosti indigo.
Consists of the models: 517, 518, 524, 526, 528.
The Rosti Mepal range includes a variety of tools in different sizes, shapes and colors. Multipurpose kettles cover the need when it is to be stirred in pots and dishes. Rosti gear is available in the same colors as the Margretheskålar so it is always possible to match bowls and utensils - or alternatively put together their own exciting color combination. Melamine is suitable for machine dishes, but can not be used in microwave oven or freezer. Melamine has the good properties in relation to plastic, that it retains the shape even if it gets hot, which is a big advantage in cooking.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 03 elo - 05 elo
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Tuotemerkit Rosti Mepal
Kategoria Keittiötarvikkeet
Kampanjat tällä hetkellä Blue & White Home, Summer Baking
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