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Margrethe Set - 8 Parts - Indigo


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Margretheset 8-part Indigo.
Set contains 0.5 + 0.75 + 1.5 + 3.0 L including lid. The Margetheskål is designed for Rosti 1954 by Sigvard Bernadotte and Acton Bjørn's design studio in Copenhagen, and is named after the then crown princess Margrethe of Denmark. Available in a world of elegant colors and 10 different sizes. The Margrethe cooking bowl is produced in 100% melamine, which has the good properties in relation to plastic, that it keeps its shape even if it gets warm. Melamine goes well in the dishwasher, but can not be used in the microwave or freezer.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 05 syys - 09 syys
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