Chalkboard Slow Cooker 3,5L - 24180-56 - Russell Hobbs
Chalkboard Slow Cooker 3,5L - 24180-56 - Russell Hobbs
Chalkboard Slow Cooker 3,5L - 24180-56 - Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs

Chalkboard Slow Cooker 3,5L - 24180-56


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With this Slow Cooker from Russell Hobbs you can not only enjoy delicious homemade food but also leave a personal touch. The uniquely designed pot allows you to leave a small greeting to the family or why not write down the name of the dish for your dinner party , only the imagination sets the limits!

With 3.5 liter capacity, you can cook 4 generous portions of tasty food without having to monitor the cooking. From juicy meat or vegetarian pots to spicy curries or chili. Preparing your lunch or dinner in a slow cooker is the perfect way to cook without stress and you will also keep all delicious flavors.

Dark black surface with griffel board:
Serve your meal in a funeral way! Whether you're writing small greetings or drawing a piece of art, you can now create your own design on your Slow cooker. It comes with two crayons in the packaging so you start creating immediately!
3 Heat modes:
You can easily adjust the cooking temperature to suit your time schedule by turning the control of your slow cooker to low or high. Do you have a smoking fresh dinner ready but no guests? Put your slow cooker on warmth and eat when it suits you!
Simple overview:
The lid in the glass allows you to easily look at your delicious meal, and you can easily check how the cooking goes without lifting the lid and releasing all the heat.
Easy cleaning:
Now you no longer have to worry about having to stand and clean by hand! The ceramic pot can easily be removed and washed directly into your machine.

A slow cooker is the perfect helper in the kitchen to cook delicious food with minimal hassle. Prepare your dinner in the morning and let your pot stand and pudder while spending your time with something else. The warm-up function ensures that your meal stays fresh until you are ready to eat.

3.5 liter capacity
3 Heat modes
Removable ceramic pot
2 Critics are included
200 watts

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 24 joulu - 28 joulu
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