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Råda - Beanie - Camel


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Råda is a soft hat in a longer style with a fine ribbed edge in innovative yarn where 41% of the material is recycled. The beanie has a fully fashion knitted top, a technique that contributes to an even more sustainable production through reduced yarn waste. Råda is therefore one of Sätilas beanies with the smallest environmental impact. The beanie has a discreet embroidery that goes in matching colour of the beanie itself. 41% recycled material: 32% wool, 32% polyamid, 30% viscose, 3% cashmere, 3% other fibre

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 16 maalis - 19 maalis
Kohderyhmä Unisex
Väri Beige
Tuotemerkit Sätila
Kategoria Pipot & käsineet
Tuotenumero P191373081