Decalcification Tablets - TZ80002N - Siemens
Decalcification Tablets - TZ80002N - Siemens


Decalcification Tablets - TZ80002N


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✓ 2in1: Removes limescale and protects against corrosion
✓ Extends the life of the machine thanks to maintenance against lime deposits
✓ Optimized for EQ.8, EQ.7, EQ.6, EQ.5 descaling programs and built-in compressors

Technical data
Packaging dimensions (H x W x D) (mm): 180 x 65 x 25
Net weight (kg): 0.1

# Extends the life of the machine thanks to optimal lime protection
# 2in1: Removes lime and provides additional protection against corrosion
# Optimized for the automatic descaling program for fully automatic espresso machines and every coffee maker from Bosch
# Fits EQ.8, EQ.7, EQ.6, EQ.5 and built-in compressors
# Fits all fully automatic espresso machines "surpresso"
# Contents: 3 tablets (40g / tablet). Sufficient to 3 descaling.

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 16 maalis - 19 maalis
Tuotemerkit Siemens
Kategoria Kahvinkeittimet & espresso
Tuotenumero P551079