Retro Espresso Maker - White - Smeg


Retro Espresso Maker - White


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Retro espresso machine in 50s design from Smeg

Espresso machine in 50's style
User-friendly control panel
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Choose between 1 or 2 cups
Steam function for milk foaming
Removable water tank: 1 liter
Adjustable Cappuccino System
Thermoblock heating system
Flow-stop function allows you to choose your own strength
Indicator for descaling
Cupboard for Latteglas
Removable drip tray with water indicator
Rubber masks that keep the machine steady

Outer dimensions: H: 30.3cm, B: 15cm, D: 33cm

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 05 huhti - 08 huhti
Tyyppi espressokone
Tuotemerkit Smeg
Kategoria Kahvinkeittimet & espresso
Tuotenumero P180527895