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Retro Hand Mixer Set - Red


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Retro hand mixer set in 50s design from Smeg

Main body in colored plastic
Ergonomic handle with slip protection
Arm in stainless steel
Stainless steel blade with FLOWBLENDTM system

Adjustable speed on top
ON / OFF button
Turbo function

Technical specifications
Motor strength: 700 W
Voltage: 220-240V - 50/60 Hz

Standard accessories:

Weights and Measures:
Rod mixer: 65x65x414 mm
Whisk: 60x60x268 mm
Hacker: 136x136x203 mm
Vegetable smokers: 96x96x247 mm
Cups: 174x117x203 mm
Packing HBF02: LxWxH: 347x195x442 mm
Net weight: 2.10 Kg
Total weight: 3.85 Kg

standard Accessories

Main features and finishing
• 1.4 Lt BPA-free TritanTM cup with removable BPA-free TritanTM cap.
• Water level marking in liters mm / oz copper
• Ergonomic handle for easy handling
• Can be used in a dishwasher

Main features and finishing
• Main container in BPA-free TritanTM 0.5 LT capacity.
• Upper cover in the same color as the main body of the rod mixer
• S / S S-shaped sheets at different heights to ensure the best hacking experience
• Gray bottom part with slip protection that can be used as a lid to store ingredients
• Covers & Sheets can be used in dishwasher (not protection).

Main features and finishing
• Plastic body and removable box in the same color as the main mixer of the rod mixer
• The plastic sheets are a gray that slowly rotates to mash potatoes or other cooked vegetables.

Main features and finishing
• Stainless steel whistle
• Plastic adapter in the same color as the rod mixer main unit
• The Vispen works in a dishwasher (not adapter).

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