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Scented Linen


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Luxurious scented light in high quality with a solid lid in polished steel. The lid also works well as a backlight for the light. Our scented candles create a mood and spread a beautiful weed in your home. In addition, they are an elegant interior detail.

The scent is delivered in an exclusive gift box and has the scent Linen.

Dimensions: H: 100 mm D: 80 mm
Weight: 730 g ink pack
Material: Glass, metal. sojawax
Burn time: CA 35 hours
Scent: Linen
Color: White

Arvioitu toimituspäivä 02 helmi - 08 helmi
Tuotemerkit Solstickan Design
Kategoria Tuoksukynttilät ja suitsukkeita
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