Voxmio Theater Pro - Black - Voxmio
Voxmio Theater Pro - Black - Voxmio


Voxmio Theater Pro - Black


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130 €

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Our beloved big seller is now here in an updated and improved version! The amazing sound experience that the predecessor Voxmio Theater offered has been maintained while the design screwed up a snap. The gentle and soft cushions close the ears in a very comfortable way, even with long-term use of the headphones. A combination of elegant design, masterpiece sound and a high quality craft. The impressive operating time of up to 12 hours makes the headphones available on flights across the globe or several passes to the gym before it's time to recharge them via the supplied micro USB cable.

Thanks to modern Bluetooth v4.1 technology, you can use these headphones headphones to enjoy your favorite tones, as well as having long and hands-free hands-free conversations with your loved ones.

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