Abecita was founded in Sweden in 1932 by Joel Åkerlund, he started a major corset factory in Borås; AB Corsettindusti. Manufacturing traditional ladies lingerie such as corsets, girdles, and bra's, these products were and still are the company's primary focus.

Previously the company had brands such as Cid, Abc and in the 1950's they also sold the famous girdle "Little X". In the 1960's the company acquired the brand Fox. In the beginning of the 1970's Abecita manufactured the very famous one-size bra named the "Little wonder". Since the 1980's, Abecita is now part of the Swegmark group.

Today the Scandinavian brand Abecita is found in over 1,200 fine lingerie shops all through Northern Europe.

Abecita underwear is designed by woman for women!