In 1852, the dynasty was founded by none other than Auguste Rodier, a true pioneer, whose weaving techniques made the brand one of the most important material manufacturers, particularly for haute couture.   Chosen by Paul Poiret, Chanel, Grès and Dior, the Rodier materials made their footprint in the haute couture industry. Jersey, a very finely knitted material, named after the island where it has been produced since the Middles Ages, became Rodier's hallmark.

Today Rodier is keeping up to date, as always, with the changes of the time. New concepts, new images, new set-up: the Rodier style fits those who, above all, search for new and internal pieces, with natural softness and comfort.  With a strong base of over 73, 000 clients, Rodier enjoys an established reputation and real love from all those it dresses, from fathers to sons, mothers to daughters, under its shared, universal values, producing for others since 1852.