The characteristic of WHYRED design is wearable garments with a modern touch. Garments inspired by various uniforms, chinos, classic t-shirts and, of course, the parka. These are pieces that, we believe, deserve to be honored and preserved. Many of theese pieces have grown into our trademark signature pieces, that we today call our HEROES.

WHYRED is Art, Music & Tailoring: where a sophisticated mix of different art forms clarify the essence of the brand. WHYRED has its roots in art and music and it is still very important ingredients of the brand.

Throughout the years WHYRED has worked with famous artists such as Madonna, The Hives, Oasis, Teddybears, Haim, Karin “Mamma” Andersson and Jockum Nordström. WHYRED has an ambition to attract concious people, regardless of age and sex, who share our principle interests in art, music & tailoring.